The management of sales with cards in Retail is fundamental to the success of the business. Because they work at very low margins, retailers need to be able to audit each card sales transaction, ensure that the fee charged by the means of payment is correct, as well as assessing rental charges for POSs and other technologies.

Efficiency and productivity to
reduce losses and ensure revenue

Stores cash flow management

Integrating cash flow from sales with cards from multiple branches is one of the biggest challenges of retail treasury management.

With Equals, you control the sales results of all stores centrally as you increase the productivity of your carton cash sales conference activities by more than 70%.

Audit of fees and pos rentals

Sales captured at the incorrect rate and undue charges for POS rentals account for more than 2/3 of the losses on retail card receivables.

With Equals you audit each transaction already at the time of sale and you are sure to be charged according to your contract with each of the means of payments.

In addition, you also have features that facilitate the management of POS terminals, as well as the collection of machine rent and other fees.

Integration and download on ERP

Maintaining up-to-date financial reconciliation and controlling the automatic write-off of the card receivables ERP are some of the activities that take up much of the financial team’s effort.

In retail it is very common to see companies that have different systems (store fronts, gateways, ERPs).

With Equals you automatically integrate into your ERP the entire financial movement of sales with cards. In this way, in addition to gaining team productivity, you also increase control and compliance with accounting practices.

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