Accessibility and security for all you transactions
The Equals system controls sales with cards, integrating their sales with transactions received from acquirers, taking into account all transactional and financial aspects
Increase the profit and productivity of your company

You no longer need to go to each Acquirer's website to check your sales; Control all your card receivables in a single environment

Smarter cashflow

Reports for follow-up and control of cash flow, "predicted vs. realized" conference and details of movements in the financial agenda

Submission and control of cancellations

Full control and notifications about purchase cancellations within the platform itself

Single environment

No longer need to enter each Acquirer's website to check their sales, without papers

See and recover your chargebacks

Be notified whenever there is a chargeback, avoid losses and recover revenue

Capture guarantee

Ensure that all your sales have been captured and are on an equal footing with your internal sales records

Equals features

Have control over prepayments and financial adjustments
Calculation of the amounts actually credited to the bank account
Control and management of refunds and chargebacks received
Easy integration with leading ERP software on the market
Auditing over the contract of fees and expenses with electronic payment companies
Mobile application with key management visions, graphics and customizable filters

Human and customized service

We help your financial team in the relationship with credit card companies to clarify and solve payments differences.
The Payment Market evolves every day, our solution too.