Control and transparency on all your sales
We identify and track each sale, confirming the capture and associating it with the internal sale. Control under all events related to your sales.
We go beyond sales reconciliation

We deliver 5 levels of reconciliation:

Cash conference

Garantía de la captura y autorización de ventas registradas con tarjetas de crédito, débito, vales, boletos y pix.

Audit of taxes and terminals

Auditing over the contract of fees and expenses with electronic payment companies

Cash flow management

Cash flow from sales with electronic payment including receivables prepayment transactions

Refunds & chargebacks

Control and management of refunds and chargebacks received

Transparent bank reconciliation

Calculation of the amounts actually credited to the bank account

Control and transparency
in all your transactions

Have full control of your card receivables in a single environment
Online cloud platform, accessibility and security for your company transactions
Find out if the fees charged on your sales are being properly deducted
Easy integration with leading ERP software on the market
Build custom and flexible reports using multiple filters made available by the system
Reduce losses and increase productivity of your company by 70% by controlling transactions
The Payment Market evolves every day, our solution too.