Integration processes for automatic receipt of BSP/IATA sales information, call centers and web, reconciliation of reimbursement transactions, accounting for all information in legacy systems.

Total control on sales with
cards via IATA or own channels

IATA integration

Equals is natively integrated with all sources of information provided by IATA to reconcile card sales.

Whether through the HOTs shipments, or the LCCBs (1089, 1092 and 4123), all sales information made by IATA agents through GDS systems is automatically integrated into Equals.

Multi-language platform

Equals is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish, which allows its use by both teams in Brazil and abroad.

In addition, our service team is prepared to offer multi-language support, thus facilitating the adoption of the tool in other locations outside the country.

Aging of accounts receivable

Keeping up-to-date with the acquirer’s circularization letters, as well as according to the controls and auditing processes are just some of the activities that a company’s financial team does. Responsible.

With Equals, these tasks are automated and simplified so that the financial team has the time to devote to more strategic activities, without the operations taking over the entire work day.

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