We help your company keep track of sales with cards without changing proven practices and processes. We also provide easy integration, natively with your sales and management ERP systems.

Control and efficiency
from beginning to end

Submission and conciliation of cancellations

Many service companies work with processes that require pre-authorization of a transaction on the customer’s card, and it is very common in this segment to subsequently change the authorized amounts on the card.

With Equals your company has the available functionalities to perform the partial or total cancellation of a transaction in a centralized way in the portal, without worrying about the effectiveness of the same with the main buyers in the market.

Integration and download on ERP

Maintaining up-to-date financial reconciliation, as well as controlling the automatic lowering of card receivables ERP are activities that consumes a great deal of financial team effort, especially in environments with different systems (store fronts, gateways, ERPs).

With Equals you automatically integrate into your ERP system the entire financial movement of card sales.

In this way, in addition to gaining team productivity, you also increase control and compliance with accounting practices.

Control of receivables anticipation

Being able to work on specific cash needs, ensuring the lowest cost of funding at that moment can make all the difference in the end, whatever your business.

With Equals you have at your disposition the cash flow of your sales, either in the web portal or in the App and you can still count on additional tools like the aging of accounts receivable and the simulation of anticipation of receivables.

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